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  • What is MCA in One Year Australia? 

  • Can I Do MCA in One Year Australia From IGNOU??

  • How u can use credit transfer?

  • Isn’t it great if you get your Distance MCA done just in one year in 2021?

MCA is the master study in computer and software application where a student learns the techniques and methodologies to how to create and develop the software as well as web applications, database administration, and system programming. This master study is basically 3-years of a program for the new candidates but the students, who left their MCA before its completion in the lack of money or job priority, can apply again in order to complete it in one year. There are many UGC and DEC recognized universities that started providing this sounds good opportunity to those students so as they can avail the degree of MCA in one year Australia.

Scope of MCA in current Market: There is a broad scope of MCA in the Information Technology industries. Many skilled and professional, as well as freshers, are required by this industry in order to fill the various job roles. MCA is a technical degree and hence, employers expect technical skills in an applicant. So, all you need to focus on your theoretical concepts and technical concepts equally during your MCA study in order to prepare yourself as per the current market needs. So, if you discontinued your MCA study and want to re-begin it then you have an opportunity to complete your MCA in one year with some extra efforts and hard study.

Universities have discovered the following procedures for those students who want to continue their discontinued MCA program:

Breaking Study Procedure:  Breaking Study is suitable for those candidates who took admission in MCA previously and discontinued their study in any year whether with passed or failure status. Here students can take admission directly in the third year and are required to write the examinations of complete 3-years in a single sitting or within a year. Students also need to pay the fee for all the three years. So, this is the process of doing MCA in one year Australia.

Credit Transfer Procedure: This is the way where students can complete their MCA in one year Australia or in two years. For one year process, students should have passed the second year of MCA successfully in order to take admission directly in the 3rd year. For two years process, students should have passed the first year of MCA successfully and they can get admission in the 2nd year of MCA. So, avail this opportunity that is provided by the several universities and obtains your degree of MCA in one year Australia IGNOU for your bright career in IT industries.

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There are many questions that students come across in their minds and some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What is the eligibility for MCA in One Year?

Ans. A student who has discontinued his/her education and must have an academic gap of at least 3 years after his/her intermediate (12th) and Discontinued 1st and 2nd Year From UGC Recognize Universities can apply for one sitting examination.

Q.2. What is MCA in One Year?

Ans. MCA in one year means that Bachelor Computer Application which is 3 years course will get completed in one year by giving all exams in one sitting only.

Q.3.  Is MCA in One Year valid?

Ans. Yes, it is completely valid.

Q.4.  How u can use credit transfer?

Ans. If a student has done 1st and 2nd year from a university then he/she can take direct admission in 3rd year which can be used as credit transfer.

Q.5. What is break in studies?

Ans. Break in studies means gap in studies which can be after SSC or HSC.

Q.6. Which all documents are required to apply for One Year MCA?


  • 10th class mark sheet and certificate
  • 12th class mark sheet and certificate
  • Breaking study proof
  • Address proof
  • Passport size photograph

Q.7. What does “breaking study proof” means?

Ans. Breaking study proof means the student must have proof of breaking years which includes: documents related to discontinuation of study/course or an experience certificate during break (gap) years, in case, a student is employed in a company.

Q.8. Is there any opportunity in lateral entry for diploma holders?

Ans. Yes, students can get lateral entry in second year on the basis of three year diploma after high school or diploma after intermediate.

Q.9. Which all certificates will I receive after the course completion?

Ans. Graduation mark sheet and degree

Q.10. Are the certificates valid in government jobs after completing this course?

Ans. Yes, the documents are absolutely valid in government jobs.

Q.11. Are there any chances of promotion in my career ahead after doing this course?

Ans. Yes, of course, you will get promotion once you complete this course successfully.

Q.12. What specializations are available for this course?

Ans. Almost all specializations are available for this course.