Top online graduation courses in India: Hack Here The Best Career Option in 2022

So, With the pandemic hitting on social, cultural, and economic practices worldwide. Even, the field of education and learning doesn’t remain unaffected as well. Thus, the past year online graduation course platforms have replicated the physical spaces, be it seminars, corporate meetings, political meetings, even hobby classes as well. Similarly, Online learning platforms can be a new concept for us in these times of pandemic. But, this is now the future of Education globally. 

Again, Breaking conventional classroom learning, an online education platform is path-breaking in itself. Though, we are living in a tech-savvy era, with the concept of distance mode education from UGC-approved. Hence, online degree courses in India might be alien to most of the population. Similarly, Students have a plethora of options for courses at multiple levels for online graduation courses in one year. After, 10+2, it is very crucial for a student to make a wise choice among various options available. 

So, Here are the top 12 online graduation courses in one year, students can avail themselves. 

 1. BSc Degree in Programming and Data Science

Even, In current times there is a huge popularity for coding, big data, analytics, AI, Cyber Security, and more. Again, Students can avail themselves of this course through online mode in IIT Madras. Also, The course is offered with multiple exit options in distance mode education. Similarly, This opportunity is being provided by eminent institutes like IIT Madras for the first time in the country. Therefore, there is no age limit for candidates, and students from any academic background can apply to get admission.


2. Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Mass Communication)

Even, The students will get a wide knowledge of the changing trends in the area of communication and media. So, It helps in forming a frame of creative communication solutions. Through, this course a student will develop the aptitude to deliver original work and formulate a variety of ideas. 

 3. Bachelor Of Business Administration

Importantly, Business is one of the most sought out courses worldwide. Hence, It leads to various career opportunities after graduation. After, graduation in Business administration, one can pursue a career in finance. Even, or a master’s in Business administration, or in online higher education. Similarly, Online business programs propose concentrations in fields like Human Resources, sports, and healthcare management. So, and graduates can pursue both corporate positions and niche entrepreneurial endeavors.

 4. Bachelor of Arts

Again, Bachelor of Arts is a 3 years course that is studied by students after passing class 12. So, It is one of the most pursued online graduation courses in India. Even, BA Course can be pursued as a full-time course or even as a part-time course from UGC-approved online degree courses in India. Similarly, BA Course deals with a range of subjects such as  Hindi, English and other language subjects, Economics, Law, History, Geography, etc. 

Hence, There are 5 compulsory subjects, along with a few electives in Bachelor of Arts courses.  

 5. Bachelor of Commerce

As the matter of fact, includes the study of subjects like accountancy, business studies, economics, or mathematics. Even, Bachelor in Commerce online is a 3-year course that helps students to enhance their knowledge in the field of Business Communication, Financial and Corporate Accounting, Business Law, and Accounting.


 6. Bachelor of Arts  (Tourism Administration)

Though, this course helps the students to understand the concepts of the tourism and hospitality industry. So, It prepares students to pursue careers on a local, national, and international level. Hence, The career portfolio ranges from Commercial and entrepreneurial positions, job opportunities in restaurants, hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and tour companies, government tourism departments, tour operations, immigration and customs services, airlines. 

7. Bachelor of Computer Applications

Importantly, BCA is a three year undergraduate degree program for students who want to make a career in Computer languages. So, A career in Information Technology is. Even, This course is one of the most popular options, giving an insight into the world of computers and their applications.

Similarly, A BCA degree is measured to be at equality with a BTech/BE degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. Again, The degree supports interested students in setting up a sound academic base for a progressive career in Computer Applications.


 8. Bachelor in Business communication

Even , The business communication program encourages proficiencies in critical thought, interviewing, crisis communication, and public relations. Also, Acquiring skills in international business provides good job prospects. Now, Other career options include profiles such as Public relations director, corporate leader, corporate trainer, Event planner, and corporate advertising specialist.

Hence, Bachelor of Education helps in developing knowledge and skills in lesson planning and classroom management. So, Students get to learn to handle exceptional students, support diverse classrooms and develop innovative teaching methods. Again, Bachelors in Education offers an exploration of areas such as elementary education, secondary education, special education, and science education.


9. Bachelor of Education

Similarly, Bachelor of Education helps in developing knowledge and skills in lesson planning and classroom management. Again, Students get to learn to handle exceptional students, support diverse classrooms and develop innovative teaching methods. So, Bachelors in Education offers an exploration of areas such as elementary education, secondary education, special education, and science education.

10. Bachelor of Economics

As a fact, Bachelor of Economics helps students to acquaint and shape the economic future. Also, It helps them learn to determine innovative techniques for analyzing and managing information, manage statistics used in economics, discover issues related to the growth and resilience of the entire economic system, explore social issues such as inequality, real-estate, environmental management, and the destruction of natural resources. 


11. Bachelor of library and information science

Bachelor of library and information science focuses on the skill of library administration, managing and preserving Library, procuring books and journals, and maintaining the library data. 

In online higher education, this course gives the opportunity of hands-on experience in a library in order to learn the techniques of librarianship. There are new technologies emerging for storage and other multimedia technologies to manage the library. The course prepares students in the fields of creativity, research, organizational skills, communication skills, problem-solving, etc. the career opportunities ranges includes Library attendant, assistant Librarian, Deputy Librarian, Application Specialist, Librarian, etc. 


12. Bachelor of Arts (English)

An online Bachelor’s degree in English endorses and develops expertise in communication, writing, reading, research, and critical thinking.  This course helps in learning the skill of effective communication and training in the areas of linguistics, composition, and professional writing. 

Fields of career for Bachelor in English include- public relations, marketing, journalism, education, and others. The course centers upon literature, communications, and technical writing. Certain programs concentrate on the conceptual aspects of the English language, with the intention of enhancing the student’s knowledge and skills for them to become better editors or communicators. There are also programs that include regular reading, writing, and discussion to promote effective critical thinking in online graduation courses in India